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What is an Arborist and why is an Arborist report required?

An Arborist is able to name species of trees and determine the health, life expectancy and critical root zones of a tree.

An Arborist report is required if there are any trees within the subject site or within 8m of the boundary. A tree nominated as being significant should be retained if possible. Through using the information provided in the report, it can be determined how close a building structure can be to a tree without detrimentally affecting the critical root zone.

What is a Land Surveyor and why is surveying drawing required?

A Land Surveyor uses specific measuring instruments and techniques to obtain accurate information about the subject site.

Information is required in order to determine how much space there is for the proposed dwellings and what affects the subject site have on the design of such a home.

  • A re-establishment Survey locates the boundary line fences and determines whether they are in alignment or out of alignment with the title boundaries.
  • The Feature Survey locates existing buildings on the subject site and the adjoining sites. Existing trees on the subject site and abutting sites are also plotted on the survey drawing.
  • A.H.D (Australian Height Datum) levels and contours are required by the local authorities as they relate directly to assets within or abutting the sites and flood levels if applicable.

What is a Heritage Report and why is one required?

A Heritage report is required if a piece of land is in an Aboriginal Zone. If the local authority believes that the land has not been disturbed since aboriginals occupied the land then they may insist on a report.

In the event that stone utensils or Aboriginal activity is encounted there are additional costs and time delays that will occur.

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