Why choose Modularc for your land development?

Why choose Modularc for your land development?

What makes Modularc different?

The layout of buildings make sense:-

  • The pedestrian flows, furniture positions and access to open spaces are taken into account.
  • A modularc theory is used to create the plan ensuring that no space is wasted and living spaces are located to take advantage of views to external open spaces and orientated to the benefits of the northern sun.

Modularc’s commitment to you:-

  • Modularc prides itself on the quality of work it provides and the success rate of obtaining permits.
  • It’s the systems and processes used in running Modularc which makes it a reliable, efficient organisation.
  • All personnel work together to ensure that our clients are informed where their projects stand and are willing to do what it takes to obtain a permit.

Contemporary Designs:-

  • The designs consists of the use of modern day materials, unique floor plan layouts and interesting external facade treatments.
  • Modularc uses many built forms to give interest to the building such as Cantilevers which give a floating effect to a particular module of the building. 
  • Mixtures of different roof forms are used to give a visual impact to the observer.

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